Additional Services

Service Includes:

  • Pre-binding Belly Massage
  • One Muslin Belly Binder
  • One Binding Session
  • Instruction for Self Belly Binding
  • Belly-firming Salve
  • Subsequent Binding Sessions - $30
  • Patterned Batik Belly Binder - $60 (May substitute the Muslin binder with Batik for an additional $25)

One of the least discussed topics in pregnancy and motherhood is the postpartum recovery period. Though you may be swooning over the bundle in your arms, what's underneath can make you feel empty, out of balance, and not yourself. Cultures all over the world acknowledge this feeling and use different ways of binding a mother's belly to help combat those feelings and accelerate postpartum recovery. 

Some of the benefits of Belly Binding

1. Assists in abdominal wall retraction 

  • During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles separate (diastasis recti) to make room for your growing baby. Once you deliver, those muscles do not magically retract. Often, women have a very difficult time losing the "muffin top" despite diet and exercise because those muscles just have not retracted. Belly binding helps the abdominals recover from diastasis recti.

2. Supports the womb after birth and speeds up the process of contraction

  • The uterus begins contacting soon after delivery to return to its original size. Binding aids this process and can relieve some discomfort caused by these postpartum contractions. 

3. Protects and assists swollen internal organs to return to pre-pregnancy shape

4. Tightens other body parts that may have lost muscle tone during pregnancy

5. Improves circulation and breaks down fat and cellulite, accelerates fat burning

6. Relieves water retention

7. Supports spine and posture alignment

8. Supports the pelvic floor

9. Offers back support

10. Relief of muscular and tendon tension throughout the torso region

11. Stabilizes loosened ligaments

12. Helps close rib cage and hips to previous dimensions with steady pressured support

13. Feels wonderful!

Video Guides for previous binders. Link is password protected.